Segmented Core Cap Technology for Medical Transformers

A novel "segmented core cap" design for medical-grade isolation transformers supports primary and secondary windings in alternate sectors to reduce leakage current.Continue reading


Medical Grade Isolation Transformer Design

Medical grade isolation transformers are designed to isolate the patient and the operator from an electric shock and to protect the equipment from power surges or faulty components.Continue reading


Using Transformers for Electrical Isolation in Medical Devices

Toroidal transformers are ideal for electrical isolation in medical equipment because they are compact, can be completely encapsulated when necessary, and have low stray fields, making them less likely to cause electromagnetic disturbances.Continue reading


Leakage Current in Medical Devices

Medical electrical equipment, even though operating perfectly, may still be hazardous to the patient. This is because every piece of electrical equipment produces a leakage current. Learn how proper design ensures patient safety.Continue reading


Medical Electrical Equipment Safety and Regulation

Medical equipment can expose patients and caregivers to potential electrical hazards. Several international standards exist to ensure adequate protection is incorporated into equipment designs.Continue reading


An Introduction to Medical Electrical Devices

Medical devices form an important component of patient care. Their complexities are coupled with the presence of power factors in most medical devices, thus leading to heightened safety standards and procedures.Continue reading

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