Standard Products

Our catalog of standard magnetic components offers a wide selection of off-the-shelf items at competitive prices.
All of our standard products can be purchased through our global distributor network or by contacting your local sales representative.

Talema engineers have been designing and manufacturing toroidal transformers, toroidal Current Transformers (CT), Inductors and Chokes since 1975.

We have built up large ranges of standard products to suit the most commonly needed specifications. Our toroidal power transformers cover power ratings up to 3000VA with input and output voltages to suit most needs, together with various mounting styles.

Talema standard range of transformers, chokes, inductors, current transformers

Our current transformers are available in various package sizes and styles, with primary current ranges and accuracy to meet most requirements.
Our Inductors and chokes are available in Through-Hole and SMD packages, with inductances and current ratings commonly needed. Storage chokes and common mode chokes cover most ratings requested.

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