Talema Toroidal Transformer Series Guide

Talema designs and manufactures an extensive range of 50/60 Hz toroidal transformers. In this article, we will discuss each of the main series in the Talema catalog to help you make the best selection for your application.Continue reading


12 Steps for Designing Toroidal Transformers

Following these 12 steps when designing toroidal transformers will ensure a long component life and optimal performance.Continue reading


What Makes a Good Toroidal Transformer?

The overall quality of a toroidal transformer is determined by many design choices. In this article, we discuss material selection and construction techniques to produce the best toroidal components.Continue reading


Introduction to Toroidal Transformers

Toroidal transformers provide increased design flexibility, efficiency, and compactness when compared to traditional shell and core type transformers. Learn more about how engineers take advantage of these characteristics.Continue reading

Introduction to Transformers and Standard E-I Construction

Our modern world of efficient power distribution across cities and continents would not be possible without electrical transformers. In this article, we cover the basics of their function and construction.Continue reading

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