Product Approvals

Talema has numerous approvals covering a wide variety of international standards and including both standard products and custom designed parts. By working closely with equipment designers and international test houses, Talema’s engineering teams can assist in ensuring swift and smooth approval of equipment using its transformers and inductors.

Family Recognitions & Approvals

Talema has invested considerable time and effort to obtain “family approvals” enabling automatic recognition of custom transformers without having to send each new design to a certified test facility for approval, saving the customer both time and money. UL Recognized components, DEKRA Approvals to European Standards, and IEC CB Certificates for worldwide approvals.

UL Approvals

  • UL1446 Insulation Systems with Temperature Classes B and F
    May be used alone, or in combination with transformer approvals to UL5085-1 and UL60601-1
    UL-File No. E217412.
  • UL5085-1 — General Purpose Transformers
    Family approval Isolating Transformers to 7,500VA (7.5kVA) and Auto-Transformers to 25,000VA (25kVA) for Classes A, B and F per categories XPTQ2 (US) and XPTQ8 (Canada)
    UL File No. E215495
  • UL60601-1 — Transformers for Medical and Dental Equipment
    Family approval Isolating Transformers to 15,000VA (15kVA) and Auto-Transformers to 40,000VA (40kVA) for Classes A, B and F per categories XORU2 (US) and XORU8 (Canada)
    UL File No. E251176
  • UL62368-1 – Audio/video, information and communication technology equipment
    700xxK series and 724xxK series PCB transformers
    UL-File No. E218027

EN Approvals

Talema has the distinction of being one of the very few toroidal transformer manufacturers to have a “General Approval” of custom designed power transformers to EN61558.

IEC Approvals

Talema also holds IEC ‘CB’ Certificates under the IECEE CB Scheme: IEC System for Mutual Recognition of Test Certificates

Factory Approvals

See our Corporate responsibility page for full details of our ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO45001 factory approvals, and our compliance statements for RoHS, REACH, WEEE, Conflict Minerals, and California Proposition 65.