Persistent Organic Pollutants: Cleaning Up a Toxic Legacy

Persistent organic pollutants were once widely used in industry and food production. Now that their harmful effects are known, we must work to end their useContinue reading

Carbon Footprint: The Road to Carbon Neutrality

Industrial businesses have the opportunity to make a substantial impact on global greenhouse gas emissions and can play a major role in achieving carbon neutrality.Continue reading

Greenhouse Gas Thumbnail

Carbon Footprint: Understanding Greenhouse Gases

Greenhouse gases are the main contributors to a company's carbon footprint. In this article, we discuss several major greenhouse gases and their sources. Continue reading

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TSCA: Comprehensive Chemical Regulation in the US

TSCA is among the earliest and broadest legislation regulating the manufacture, sale, and use of chemicals in the United States. We explore its history and requirements in this article.Continue reading

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Maintaining Compliance with California Proposition 65

California Proposition 65 has continued to evolve since its initial adoption in 1986. This article explores how businesses can maintain compliance as the regulations change over time.Continue reading

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California Proposition 65: Keeping the Public Safe and Informed

California Proposition 65 requires the disclosure of a number of different chemicals when used in products or released into the local environment. In this article, we discuss how the legislation came about.Continue reading


Mica Policy: How Electronics Manufacturers Maintain Compliance

The increased presence of mica in supply chains means companies must be aware of how it is sourced and ensure compliance with policy and guidelines. Continue reading

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Cobalt Policy: How Electronics Manufacturers Maintain Compliance

In addition to the original conflict minerals (tin, tantalum, tungsten, and gold), NGOs and the Human Rights Commission have also been concerned with cobalt mining in the Democratic Republic of Congo.Continue reading

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Maintaining Compliance with Conflict Minerals Policy

The Dodd-Frank act helped set the tone for conflict minerals policy around the world. In this article, we discuss how companies can comply with this and other global conflict minerals policy.Continue reading

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Conflict Minerals: Keeping Violence Out of the Electronics Supply Chain

As the electronics industry continues to mature, sustainable and responsible sourcing of conflict minerals is growing in priority.Continue reading

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