Encapsulated 15VA to 500VA

Encapsulated Toroidal Transformers
15VA to 500VA power ratings
Cylindrical plastic case with Polyurethane Resin
Connection leads exit through resin surface
UL Recognized, DEKRA Approved to EN61558, CB Certified to IEC61558.

Datasheet: Open & Encapsulated Transformers

High quality encapsulated toroidal transformers with either single 230V primary winding or with twin 115Vac 50/60Hz primary windings for 230V (series) or 115V (parallel) operation.
Twin secondary windings may be connected in series or parallel or used independently.
Power Ratings 15VA, 30VA, 50VA, 80VA, 120VA, 160VA, 225VA, 300VA, 500VA
Fully encapsulated to UL94V-0
Small size and low weight compared with traditional stacked lamination types.
Extremely low level of radiated magnetic field
Very low induced noise (hum)
Very low iron loss.
Double insulated primary leads.
100% electrical and flash tested
High quality manufacturing and testing in accordance to EN61558, EN60950, EN60065, and BS415
Tested and Approved by DEKRA to EN61558 and CB Certified to IEC61558
UL Recognised to UL5085, under family approval file E215495

Manufactured in an ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 certified Talema facility
Fully RoHS & REACH Compliant


Datasheet: Open & Encapsulated Transformers

Many of these transformers are available through distribution : See our Transformers in Distribution page and choose the Mounting Style “Encapsulated” from the drop-down list.

Table of Talema Part Numbers with Brief Specifications

See datasheet for full specifications

VAPart NumberPrimary Winding(s)Secondary VoltageSecondary Current (Each)
15VA0015P1-2-006K230V2 x 6V1.25A
15VA0015P1-2-009K230V2 x 9V0.83A
15VA0015P1-2-012K230V2 x 12V0.63A
15VA0015P1-2-015K230V2 x 15V0.5A
15VA0015P1-2-018K230V2 x 18V0.42A
15VA0015P2-2-006K2 x 115V2 x 6V1.25A
15VA0015P2-2-009K2 x 115V2 x 9V0.83A
15VA0015P2-2-012K2 x 115V2 x 12V0.63A
15VA0015P2-2-015K2 x 115V2 x 15V0.5A
15VA0015P2-2-018K2 x 115V2 x 18V0.42A
30VA0030P1-2-006K230V2 x 6V2.5A
30VA0030P1-2-009K230V2 x 9V1.67A
30VA0030P1-2-012K230V2 x 12V1.25A
30VA0030P1-2-015K230V2 x 15V1A
30VA0030P1-2-018K230V2 x 18V0.83A
30VA0030P1-2-022K230V2 x 22V0.68A
30VA0030P2-2-006K2 x 115V2 x 6V2.5A
30VA0030P2-2-009K2 x 115V2 x 9V1.67A
30VA0030P2-2-012K2 x 115V2 x 12V1.25A
30VA0030P2-2-015K2 x 115V2 x 15V1A
30VA0030P2-2-018K2 x 115V2 x 18V0.83A
30VA0030P2-2-022K2 x 115V2 x 22V0.68A
50VA0050P1-2-006K230V2 x 6V4.17A
50VA0050P1-2-009K230V2 x 9V2.78A
50VA0050P1-2-012K230V2 x 12V2.08A
50VA0050P1-2-015K230V2 x 15V1.67A
50VA0050P1-2-018K230V2 x 18V1.39A
50VA0050P1-2-022K230V2 x 22V1.14A
50VA0050P1-2-055K230V2 x 55V0.45A
50VA0050P2-2-006K2 x 115V2 x 6V4.17A
50VA0050P2-2-009K2 x 115V2 x 9V2.78A
50VA0050P2-2-012K2 x 115V2 x 12V2.08A
50VA0050P2-2-015K2 x 115V2 x 15V1.67A
50VA0050P2-2-018K2 x 115V2 x 18V1.39A
50VA0050P2-2-022K2 x 115V2 x 22V1.14A
50VA0050P2-2-055K2 x 115V2 x 55V0.45A
80VA0080P1-2-010K230V2 x 10V4A
80VA0080P1-2-012K230V2 x 12V3.33A
80VA0080P1-2-015K230V2 x 15V2.67A
80VA0080P1-2-018K230V2 x 18V2.22A
80VA0080P1-2-022K230V2 x 22V1.82A
80VA0080P2-2-010K2 x 115V2 x 10V4A
80VA0080P2-2-012K2 x 115V2 x 12V3.33A
80VA0080P2-2-015K2 x 115V2 x 15V2.67A
80VA0080P2-2-018K2 x 115V2 x 18V2.22A
80VA0080P2-2-022K2 x 115V2 x 22V1.82A
120VA0120P1-2-012K230V2 x 12V5A
120VA0120P1-2-015K230V2 x 15V4A
120VA0120P1-2-018K230V2 x 18V3.33A
120VA0120P1-2-022K230V2 x 22V2.73A
120VA0120P1-2-055K230V2 x 55V1.03A
120VA0120P2-2-012K2 x 115V2 x 12V5A
120VA0120P2-2-015K2 x 115V2 x 15V4A
120VA0120P2-2-018K2 x 115V2 x 18V3.33A
120VA0120P2-2-022K2 x 115V2 x 22V2.73A
120VA0120P2-2-055K2 x 115V2 x 55V1.03A
160VA0160P1-2-012K230V2 x 12V6.67A
160VA0160P1-2-015K230V2 x 15V5.33A
160VA0160P1-2-018K230V2 x 18V4.44A
160VA0160P1-2-022K230V2 x 22V3.64A
160VA0160P1-2-030K230V2 x 30V2.67A
160VA0160P1-2-055K230V2 x 55V1.45A
160VA0160P2-2-012K2 x 115V2 x 12V6.67A
160VA0160P2-2-015K2 x 115V2 x 15V5.33A
160VA0160P2-2-018K2 x 115V2 x 18V4.44A
160VA0160P2-2-022K2 x 115V2 x 22V3.64A
160VA0160P2-2-030K2 x 115V2 x 30V2.67A
160VA0160P2-2-055K2 x 115V2 x 55V1.45A
225VA0225P1-2-012K230V2 x 12V9.38A
225VA0225P1-2-015K230V2 x 15V7.5A
225VA0225P1-2-018K230V2 x 18V6.25A
225VA0225P1-2-022K230V2 x 22V5.11A
225VA0225P1-2-024K230V2 x 24V4.69A
225VA0225P1-2-030K230V2 x 30V3.75A
225VA0225P2-2-012K2 x 115V2 x 12V9.38A
225VA0225P2-2-015K2 x 115V2 x 15V7.5A
225VA0225P2-2-018K2 x 115V2 x 18V6.25A
225VA0225P2-2-022K2 x 115V2 x 22V5.11A
225VA0225P2-2-024K2 x 115V2 x 24V4.69A
225VA0225P2-2-030K2 x 115V2 x 30V3.75A
300VA0300P1-2-012K230V2 x 12V12.5A
300VA0300P1-2-018K230V2 x 18V8.33A
300VA0300P1-2-022K230V2 x 22V6.82A
300VA0300P1-2-025K230V2 x 25V6A
300VA0300P1-2-030K230V2 x 30V5A
300VA0300P1-2-035K230V2 x 35V4.29A
300VA0300P1-2-055K230V2 x 55V2.73A
300VA0300P2-2-012K2 x 115V2 x 12V12.5A
300VA0300P2-2-018K2 x 115V2 x 18V8.33A
300VA0300P2-2-022K2 x 115V2 x 22V6.82A
300VA0300P2-2-025K2 x 115V2 x 25V6A
300VA0300P2-2-030K2 x 115V2 x 30V5A
300VA0300P2-2-035K2 x 115V2 x 35V4.29A
300VA0300P2-2-055K2 x 115V2 x 55V2.73A
500VA0500P1-2-020K230V2 x 20V12.5A
500VA0500P1-2-025K230V2 x 25V10A
500VA0500P1-2-030K230V2 x 30V8.33A
500VA0500P1-2-040K230V2 x 40V6.25A
500VA0500P1-2-055K230V2 x 55V4.55A
500VA0500P2-2-020K2 x 115V2 x 20V12.5A
500VA0500P2-2-025K2 x 115V2 x 25V10A
500VA0500P2-2-030K2 x 115V2 x 30V8.33A
500VA0500P2-2-040K2 x 115V2 x 40V6.25A
500VA0500P2-2-055K2 x 115V2 x 55V4.55A
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