55000 Series 15VA to 1000VA

Talema 55000 Series with single primary and dual secondary windings.
EN61558 and IEC61558 Approved
Power ratings: 15VA to 1000VA
Secondary voltages from 12V to 55V (depending on power rating)
Available with mounting Styles S or H

  •  “S” – Supplied with mounting kit
  •  “H” – Centre-potted with through-hole for fixing bolt

Datasheet: 55000 Series Open Transformers

Talema 55000 Series Toroidal power transformers with a single primary winding and dual secondary windings.
EN61558 and IEC61558 Approved
Power ratings: 15VA, 30VA, 50VA, 80VA, 120VA, 160VA, 225VA, 300VA, 500VA, 625VA, 800VA, and 1000VA
Secondary voltages include : 12V, 18V, 25V, 30V, 35V, 40V, 45V, 55V (depending on power rating)
Available with mounting options

  •  “S” – Supplied with mounting kit
  •  “H” – Centre-potted with through-hole for fixing bolt

Manufactured in an ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 certified Talema facility
Fully RoHS & REACH Compliant


Datasheet: 55000 Series Open Transformers

Table of Talema Part Numbers with Brief Specifications

See datasheet for full specifications

VA RatingPart No.MountingSec. VoltageSec. Current (Each)Dimensions
(Diam x Height)
15VA55100-P1S2S2 x 12V0.625A62 x 32mm
15VA55300-P1S2H2 x 12V0.625A62 x 32mm
15VA55101-P1S2S2 x 15V0.5A62 x 32mm
15VA55301-P1S2H2 x 15V0.5A62 x 32mm
15VA55102-P1S2S2 x 18V0.417A62 x 32mm
15VA55302-P1S2H2 x 18V0.417A62 x 32mm
15VA55103-P1S2S2 x 25V0.3A62 x 32mm
15VA55303-P1S2H2 x 25V0.3A62 x 32mm
30VA55110-P1S2S2 x 12V1.25A74 x 34mm
30VA55310-P1S2H2 x 12V1.25A74 x 34mm
30VA55111-P1S2S2 x 15V1A74 x 34mm
30VA55311-P1S2H2 x 15V1A74 x 34mm
30VA55112-P1S2S2 x 18V0.833A74 x 34mm
30VA55312-P1S2H2 x 18V0.833A74 x 34mm
30VA55113-P1S2S2 x 25V0.6A74 x 34mm
30VA55313-P1S2H2 x 25V0.6A74 x 34mm
50VA55120-P1S2S2 x 12V2.083A84 x 34mm
50VA55320-P1S2H2 x 12V2.083A84 x 34mm
50VA55121-P1S2S2 x 15V1.667A84 x 34mm
50VA55321-P1S2H2 x 15V1.667A84 x 34mm
50VA55122-P1S2S2 x 18V1.389A84 x 34mm
50VA55322-P1S2H2 x 18V1.389A84 x 34mm
50VA55123-P1S2S2 x 25V1A84 x 34mm
50VA55323-P1S2H2 x 25V1A84 x 34mm
50VA55129-P1S2S2 x 55V0.455A84 x 34mm
50VA55329-P1S2H2 x 55V0.455A84 x 34mm
80VA55130-P1S2S2 x 12V3.333A95 x 36mm
80VA55330-P1S2H2 x 12V3.333A95 x 36mm
80VA55131-P1S2S2 x 15V2.667A95 x 36mm
80VA55331-P1S2H2 x 15V2.667A95 x 36mm
80VA55132-P1S2S2 x 18V2.222A95 x 36mm
80VA55332-P1S2H2 x 18V2.222A95 x 36mm
80VA55133-P1S2S2 x 25V1.6A95 x 36mm
80VA55333-P1S2H2 x 25V1.6A95 x 36mm
80VA55139-P1S2S2 x 55V0.727A95 x 36mm
80VA55339-P1S2H2 x 55V0.727A95 x 36mm
120VA55140-P1S2S2 x 12V5A96 x 47mm
120VA55340-P1S2H2 x 12V5A96 x 47mm
120VA55141-P1S2S2 x 15V4A96 x 47mm
120VA55341-P1S2H2 x 15V4A96 x 47mm
120VA55142-P1S2S2 x 18V3.333A96 x 47mm
120VA55342-P1S2H2 x 18V3.333A96 x 47mm
120VA55143-P1S2S2 x 25V2.4A96 x 47mm
120VA55343-P1S2H2 x 25V2.4A96 x 47mm
120VA55149-P1S2S2 x 55V1.091A96 x 47mm
120VA55349-P1S2H2 x 55V1.091A96 x 47mm
160VA55150-P1S2S2 x 12V6.667A110 x 46mm
160VA55350-P1S2H2 x 12V6.667A110 x 46mm
160VA55151-P1S2S2 x 15V5.333A110 x 46mm
160VA55351-P1S2H2 x 15V5.333A110 x 46mm
160VA55152-P1S2S2 x 18V4.444A110 x 46mm
160VA55352-P1S2H2 x 18V4.444A110 x 46mm
160VA55153-P1S2S2 x 25V3.2A110 x 46mm
160VA55353-P1S2H2 x 25V3.2A110 x 46mm
160VA55154-P1S2S2 x 30V2.667A110 x 46mm
160VA55354-P1S2H2 x 30V2.667A110 x 46mm
160VA55159-P1S2S2 x 55V1.455A110 x 46mm
160VA55359-P1S2H2 x 55V1.455A110 x 46mm
225VA55160-P1S2S2 x 12V9.375A118 x 50mm
225VA55360-P1S2H2 x 12V9.375A118 x 50mm
225VA55161-P1S2S2 x 15V7.5A118 x 50mm
225VA55361-P1S2H2 x 15V7.5A118 x 50mm
225VA55162-P1S2S2 x 18V6.25A118 x 50mm
225VA55362-P1S2H2 x 18V6.25A118 x 50mm
225VA55163-P1S2S2 x 25V4.5A118 x 50mm
225VA55363-P1S2H2 x 25V4.5A118 x 50mm
225VA55164-P1S2S2 x 30V3.75A118 x 50mm
225VA55364-P1S2H2 x 30V3.75A118 x 50mm
225VA55169-P1S2S2 x 55V2.045A118 x 50mm
225VA55369-P1S2H2 x 55V2.045A118 x 50mm
300VA55173-P1S2S2 x 25V6A118 x 60mm
300VA55373-P1S2H2 x 25V6A118 x 60mm
300VA55174-P1S2S2 x 30V5A118 x 60mm
300VA55374-P1S2H2 x 30V5A118 x 60mm
300VA55175-P1S2S2 x 35V4.286A118 x 60mm
300VA55375-P1S2H2 x 35V4.286A118 x 60mm
300VA55179-P1S2S2 x 55V2.727A118 x 60mm
300VA55379-P1S2H2 x 55V2.727A118 x 60mm
500VA55183-P1S2S2 x 25V10A140 x 62mm
500VA55383-P1S2H2 x 25V10A140 x 62mm
500VA55184-P1S2S2 x 30V8.333A140 x 62mm
500VA55384-P1S2H2 x 30V8.333A140 x 62mm
500VA55185-P1S2S2 x 35V7.143A140 x 62mm
500VA55385-P1S2H2 x 35V7.143A140 x 62mm
500VA55186-P1S2S2 x 40V6.25A140 x 62mm
500VA55386-P1S2H2 x 40V6.25A140 x 62mm
500VA55187-P1S2S2 x 45V5.556A140 x 62mm
500VA55387-P1S2H2 x 45V5.556A140 x 62mm
500VA55188-P1S2S2 x 50V5A140 x 62mm
500VA55388-P1S2H2 x 50V5A140 x 62mm
500VA55189-P1S2S2 x 55V4.545A140 x 62mm
500VA55389-P1S2H2 x 55V4.545A140 x 62mm
625VA55196-P1S2S2 x 40V7.813A140 x 75mm
625VA55396-P1S2H2 x 40V7.813A140 x 75mm
625VA55197-P1S2S2 x 45V6.944A140 x 75mm
625VA55397-P1S2H2 x 45V6.944A140 x 75mm
625VA55198-P1S2S2 x 50V6.25A140 x 75mm
625VA55398-P1S2H2 x 50V6.25A140 x 75mm
625VA55199-P1S2S2 x 55V5.682A140 x 75mm
625VA55399-P1S2H2 x 55V5.682A140 x 75mm
800VA55206-P1S2S2 x 40V10A165 x 65mm
800VA55406-P1S2H2 x 40V10A165 x 65mm
800VA55207-P1S2S2 x 45V8.889A165 x 65mm
800VA55407-P1S2H2 x 45V8.889A165 x 65mm
800VA55208-P1S2S2 x 50V8A165 x 65mm
800VA55408-P1S2H2 x 50V8A165 x 65mm
800VA55209-P1S2S2 x 55V7.273A165 x 65mm
800VA55409-P1S2H2 x 55V7.273A165 x 65mm
1000VA55216-P1S2S2 x 40V12.5A165 x 75mm
1000VA55416-P1S2H2 x 40V12.5A165 x 75mm
1000VA55217-P1S2S2 x 45V11.111A165 x 75mm
1000VA55417-P1S2H2 x 45V11.111A165 x 75mm
1000VA55218-P1S2S2 x 50V10A165 x 75mm
1000VA55418-P1S2H2 x 50V10A165 x 75mm
1000VA55219-P1S2S2 x 55V9.091A165 x 75mm
1000VA55419-P1S2H2 x 55V9.091A165 x 75mm

Mounting Key:

  •  “S” – Supplied with mounting kit
  •  “H” – Centre-potted with through-hole for fixing bolt
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