Talema Group CTO Declan Grady Selected for New UL STP Membership

Declan Grady, Chief Technical Officer of Talema Group and Technical Manager for Nuvotem, was recently selected for membership in UL’s Standards Technical Panel for Low Voltage Transformers (STP 506).  According to UL, an STP is “a group of individuals, representing a variety of interests, formed to review proposals related to UL Standards for Safety.”

“Having spent my entire career designing toroidal transformers to meet these UL Safety Standards, it is a privilege to become directly involved in the development of the safety standards themselves,” says Grady.

In addition to his new membership in STP 506, Grady will continue to serve on several relevant panels, including:

  • STP 746: Polymeric Materials
  • STP 1411: Transformers for Audio, Radio & Television appliances
  • STP 2808: Retrofit Energy Monitoring Equipment
  • STP 60947-4: Contactors & Motor Starters

“Declan’s selection for participation in these STPs is a testament to his immense industry expertise and his value to Talema,” says Mac Daily, President of Talema Group. “We are thrilled that he will represent Talema in the ongoing development of these safety standards.”

Grady had been on a waiting list to join STP 506 since 2013 and will be one of only seven producer/manufacturer members out of a total membership of 22 individuals.


  • Declan Grady is Chief Technical Officer of the Talema Group, and Technical Manager for Nuvotem, the Talema Group’s European HQ in Ireland. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from Trinity College Dublin and has been with Talema since 1990.

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